Saturday, March 7, 2009

i've felt like walking and writing so much today, certainly not at the same time & i certainly did not feel like bowling and eating too many chickpeas, but it's what i did anyway because it's what our very nice arabic instructor had planned for us. maybe she did it to become our friend and introduce us to her friends or maybe it was all a quiz about conversational dialect in practice...i'm still not sure, but it was very nice of her either way. i bowled the lowest score out of anyone (a respectable 30), but a silly new friend reminded me that barack obama is a terrible bowler, so i was enthusiastic and optimistic about what the numbers meant. we went to a cafe to drink mint tea and smoke mint hookah after and there was a moment where i felt very yellow. im not sure if i can describe to you what that feels like, but holden caufield knows because he has felt it and he has seen people who looked like they felt it and when i read that in catcher in the rye, i didn't quite understand it until i did, but thats how most things are here. I also met a friend earlier today in front of porte de france and we found ourselves a spot to lunch and catch up far into the winding muddy roads of the medina. it was raining on and off and i kept wishing i hadn't left my umbrella in the cab yesterday or my rain boots in chicago. im terrible at packing and i'm worse at dressing myself. i'm always one layer short of feeling warm, one accessory heavy of looking effortless and one practical grippy pair of shoes away from not slipping and sliding all over the slick cobblestone-d steep streets of the towns on the coast of the mediterranean sea. 


your expatriette in tunis.

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