Friday, March 13, 2009

5 words. live tunisian heavy metal scene.

done & done. 

i never thought id be so giggly and light as a part of an audience for such a band. but, i loved it. i am loving more often here than i have in a long time. it makes little sense since i am away from most of the people and the places i readily love. sometimes, i feel very affectionate towards little things and strangers and dirt roads and wooden doors and iron fences and of course towards children and innocent faces and warm hearts. people are very loud here very often and it makes me feel like being very quiet and listening to all the sounds. right now though, it is very quiet in my house and i miss the noise and feel like being very loud. my mom is especially making me jealous, because i miss her and because she is dancing and singing and im watching her through metal and glass. thank you ichat. ichat, youchat, we all chat. some of us, across oceans and some of us are so very fortunate to whisper into each others ears, but i do enjoy new media and the digital age because when i can't do the much preferred latter, i have metal and glass that end up meaning much more than their material value and that is sort of art in a way. im rambling, but whats a girl to do after a night of tunisian metal? mmm, ok. lara is arriving in 16 hours. isn't that the gravy of being part of an eel family?


your expatriette in tunis.

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