Wednesday, January 27, 2010

andalusian ceramics & turkish hammered metalware are the only things i want to surround me tomorrow and i definitively do not want to pick up scattered books from the street while cars honk at me- what an urban myth and a real disaster. i've felt very heavy these past couple of days with all the things I have to carry in circles- 60 history-years and his classical guitar are especially weighted & vacant in their own ways. luckily, in a graceful chance, just as i was starting to feel blurry and tedious- this man with a perfect fedora and the most perfect beard was rapping & echoing in the city underground something about escaping to yourself. ack, exactly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

when it rains- it pours.
from one girl to another, be very cautious of this weather forecast.
bring your umbrella, prepare for flash floods and overwhelmed bodies.
try to save the new rain in old jars and somehow keep the supply for a drier- or lonelier day.
also, listen to the banjo and follow the snare drums.
tomorrow i'll sign up to stretch my tired body in a hot room & hum that tune.