Monday, March 9, 2009

i thought about drinking the sea today. i was at the foot of the hill by my house going on a jog when all i wanted was water. my lack of dinars inspired thoughts of a pink straw. i wanted to drink the sea and blow bubbles into it. i had forgotten it was salty and when i remembered, i started to dream about a saltwater film on bronzed skin. today is the prophet's birthday and we ate a lot of doughy puddings in crystal glasses which we scooped up with our fingers. they were covered in honey, sugar, lard and olive oil. one was brown and deceivingly looked like chocolate pudding, the other was white and stretchy like pizza dough. i wasn't fond of either and i went back to eating my favorite geometric treats, makroud. later in the afternoon tomorrow, i'm going into kairouan and hoping to stumble upon some sufi celebrations. its strange to be in the cities here. reading faces comes more naturally than reading the streets signs or ads. mostly its because there are very few words in arabic i recognize without mentally reading each letter and stringing together the sounds, so i always have the choice of whether or not to read billboards, posters and street signs. sometimes i get lazy about the streets & my brain is too busy. thats probably why i get lost so often. 


your expatriette in tunis.

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