Thursday, April 23, 2009

when i woke up this morning the goat whose baaaahh's are usually overwhelmed by construction and the cafe next door's music were loud and the only sound i heard. he seems sick and i think when i leave the house, i'll try and check on him. im also going to a gallery opening by my house on saturday and plan to love it. today i have a lot to do and more to think about which especially takes a lot of time. i just cant get out of bed. i think i have been bit by a tse tse fly and also hit by cupid's arrow except the combination of the two has created an interesting result. there is a story behind this, but the explanation is complicated for my pre 10 AM words. the result is me loving moments & cabs and having a disenchanted feeling about non-platonic romances. on days that i feel at all lonely are the days i need to stay away from people the most but on most days i feel this flapping wingless independence and seeing people is the loveliest because i also feel so nice about the person im taking home & that is myself. 


your expatriette in tunis.

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