Tuesday, April 21, 2009

she took every form of public and private transportation possible. she thought about the sign on the side of the brick store and came back later to take a picture. "do you take pictures of us everyday?" she didn't, but she should and would soon. especially since the guy at the camera store told her to stop by anytime- she could take pictures of new memories with old cameras and someone else's film and it would all compound into a base that supports the structure of her brain. she made some new nice stranger friends at the bus stop only because it was raining and they were pressed up against her shoulder as she kindly asked the forward stranger boy not to proceed with his plans of talking to her, no she doesn't want you to have her phone number and yes she understood. she felt pessimistic about the world but very optimistic about where she stood. the 3 hearts that together with hers formed a square over coffee was the playground that her brain bounced in. it was recess and class and lunchtime all in the same timeplace; she learns the most from who she plays with here and she likes that very much. today, she also felt very out of her body and that gave her more courage but less power and that was that. later, & this wasn't so much whimsical as much as it was a red herring, but the rainbow was the first one she'd ever seen and it faded the second she noticed it. 


your expatriette in tunis.

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