Sunday, April 26, 2009

it was their play and their story and i know that, but the more time that passes since i saw it, the more it interacts and interweaves with my life and the more i grow to love it and i'm guessing i changed a lot of it as a result of poor interpretation and an active imagination. thats it. they were a couple who had escaped from the world and deeply wanted and maybe in most ways needed to be alone and together. they were seen as mental or unfit and misunderstood by others so they bought a house for free in the forest and there they expected to be alone and together. during the summer, the sun will seep in through the cracks of the shutters and shine onto the walls & they dreamt of making shadows of animals that would live with them. cats, dogs and dinosaurs, of course. in autumn, the wind will seep in & their shadows and their animals will dance and love and sway. in the winter, it will rain and drown all the shadows & the old wind will make new bubbles which will float to the top and when they burst, they will breathe the autumn wind again. and for them, it will be exactly the kind of nostalgic new beginning that their spring needed. at their best, their thoughts took them through the seasons, but at their worst, she told him "please get out of my brain, you don't have a right to go there. those thoughts aren't for you. i can't think with you in there. you've broken my thoughts and now i have to pick them up. so please be quiet." he told her "there's no use. once thoughts break, you cant put them back together. their defective. just return them and make new ones. & besides i cant be quiet. so i can figure out my thoughts, i need to talk and hear them out loud. i need to hang them on ropes in front of me and let them be shaped by the birds chirps, and the rain and your eyes. you can't just cut the ropes, ok?" she understood, but she folded her napkin and turned away from him. she realized they could never think and live and breathe like they do when they're alone and be together. they were away from the world, but not their thoughts and that was three. in the end, they stayed together, and apologized to their thoughts for not being alone. afterwards, all i wanted to do was draw and write and dance. there really was a creative energy that sparked there between all of us and i decided to save new wind in old jars and breathe more often. 


your expatriette in tunis.

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