Thursday, March 18, 2010

AND what about him? In the most conventional sense, he is an urban shepherd, a cross walker who takes his job seriously while he tends to crowds of people at busy intersections and such. After work, the piles of things around his city streets take up all his time. I was thinking about him today and how he's a hoarder of sorts for empty items like luggage, hatboxes and briefcases. There is an arrogance about his collection of hardly collectible items.

you surround yourself with these things, but don't you feel any strength inside of you?- A wily egyptian woman said this to a flimsy egyptian man once & I know she would have said it to this man. I keep imagining him in a striking field of colored balloons in a vacant lot next to apartments and row houses. He walks from corner to corner all day long guiding his floating balloons from place to place. It's the kind of image that is beautiful in the right lighting and captured in a still picture.

& I don't even have to say it, but it is so haunting in real life like commodified midnight & like most purposelessly dramatic people.

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